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Celebrating the 200th Issue of Star Wars Insider

By Josh Bate

Star Wars Insider’s 200th Edition is out now! 

This special issue features a variety of interesting sections, including exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Star Wars projects as the reveal their love for the franchise and what it means to them. Also featured is a behind the scenes look of Star Wars Stories, an interview with The High Republic author Charles Soule, part 2 of Insider’s exclusive The High Republic story, and Anthony Daniels’ ‘Wonder Column’, a reprisal of the section that appeared in the early early editions of the magazine.

Star Wars Insider began in 1987 as Lucasfilm Fan Club, an issue in which creator George Lucas wrote a letter to fans of the franchise. In it, Lucas stated: “Ten years ago, when Star Wars premiered, I never dreamed that I would be writing a letter to members of a Lucasfilm Fan Club. What a decade this has been.” Also featured in this issue was an exclusive look at Willow (which is now getting a sequel series at Disney+) and an interview with Anthony Daniels.

The magazine was renamed to Star Wars Insider in the fall of 1994, in an issue that featured Sir Alec Guinness on the cover and included interviews with Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker. Insider has gone on to cover the release of the prequel and sequel trilogies, along with spin-off films Rogue One and Solo.

Images courtesy of Titan Magazines & Star Wars Insider

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