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REVIEW: Dune: Part Two

Can Villeneuve’s new film rank among ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Aliens’ as one of the best sequels of all time?

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REVIEW: Bleeding Love

Ewan McGregor stars alongside his real-life daughter in a heartfelt odyssey about the effects of substance use

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REVIEW: Argylle

An impressive ensemble cast can’t save this spy thriller from messy storytelling

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Remote cabin. Record blizzard. Attempted murder. All the ingredients for a cozy Hitchcockian thriller.

The Boys Season 4 premieres June 13 with 3 new episodes

It’s February 22, which means…⬇️

New trailer for Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN series on @netflix

New trailer for BOY KILLS WORLD, an upcoming dystopian Fever dream action film starring Bill Skarsgård & Jessica Rothe.

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