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Horror Necronomicon

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REVIEW: Abigail

Take a bite out of this fun, albeit flawed, blood-soaked horror comedy

Horror Necronomicon

REVIEW: Arcadian

Nicolas Cage stars in this conventional post-apocalpytic thriller

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REVIEW: The First Omen

An unnerving and well-crafted prequel that doesn’t achieve the iconic status of the original

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SXSW REVIEW: Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney saves an unengaging religious horror film with a bonkers ending

Horror Necronomicon

SXSW REVIEW: Natatorium

A dark family secret is at the core of this contained Icelandic psychological thriller

The upcoming SALEM’S LOT film will no longer release in theaters, but will release on Max later this year

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Bride of Frankenstein movie THE BRIDE! will hit theaters for Halloween 2025

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NATATORIUM is an Icelandic contained psychological thriller screening at @sxsw

The film follows a teenage girl who stays with her estranged parents in an ominous family home harboring a dark secret

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THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT is a @sxsw premiere film that follows siblings who use time travel to lay low after a robbery. Evokes time-bending thrillers of Christopher Nolan & Rian Johnson. Blends high-concept sci-fi w/ a grounded aesthetic

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