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New Books Added to Del Rey’s Star Wars: Essential Legends Collection

By Julie Catherine

The celebration of Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary continues with a new batch of books in Del Rey’s Star Wars: Essential Legends Collection. After this month’s release of Heir to the Empire, Shatterpoint, and Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, this Fall sees the release of new, trade paperback editions of: Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn, The Last Command by Timothy Zahn, Darth Bane: The Rule of Two by Drew Karpyshyn, and Rogue Squadron by Michael A. Stackpole, all of which feature beautiful new cover art.

Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn

Dark Force Rising is the second installment in Timothy Zahn’s acclaimed Thrawn trilogy of the 1990s. The new cover art is designed by the incredible Tracie Ching.

The Last Command by Timothy Zahn

The Last Command wraps up Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy in spectacular fashion and is another worthy addition to Del Rey’s Essential Legends Collection. This beautiful, new cover art was also designed by Tracie Ching.

Darth Bane: The Rule of Two by Drew Karpyshyn

Following Path of Destruction, Drew Karpyshyn’s Darth Bane: Rule of Two continues the story of Darth Bane, as he and his apprentice Darth Zannah navigate the aftermath of the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. The new cover art was designed by Simon Goinard.

Rogue Squadron by Michael A. Stackpole

And, last but not least, Rogue Squadron sees the light again as part of the Essential Legends Collection. The first of the Rogue Squadron series features exciting new cover-art by Doaly and will receive a new, unabridged audiobook edition read by Marc Thompson.

All of these books will release on September 7th, and Del Rey will be continuing adding classic titles to their Essential Legends Collection in Spring 2022.

Images courtesy of Del Rey

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