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EXCLUSIVE LOOK: Star Wars Insider 204

By George Bate

This month’s issue of Star Wars Insider has something for all types of Star Wars fans, and we’re overjoyed to present a preview of what’s in store with Star Wars Insider #204. Featuring Part 2 of a new The High Republic story by Justina Ireland, interviews with producer Rick McCallum, author Cavan Scott, and actress Bonnie Piesse (Beru in the prequel trilogy and the upcoming Obi-Wan series), a look ahead at cosplay ideas for Star Wars Celebration 2022, and more, the new issue hits bookstands on August 10 in the U.S. and August 19 in the U.K. Check out the exclusive preview below!


Star Wars author Cavan Scott (The Rising Storm, Dooku: Jedi Lost) talks to Star Wars Insider about how his childhood ambition influences his ventures in a galaxy far, far away.


Star Wars Insider has some top tips for Star Wars collectors both new and old! Collecting memorabilia is a core feature of many fans’ engagement with Star Wars, so much so that knowing what to collect can be overwhelming. Insider is here, however, with tips to help you navigate your first steps into this larger world of collecting.

Dressed to Impress

With less than a year to prepare, now is the time to begin working on your ambitious cosplay outfits for Star Wars Celebration 2022. But just how ambitious should you get? Star Wars Insider has some big ideas to challenge your crafting skills.

And that’s not all Star Wars Insider #204 has in store…

Rick McCallum Interview

In the first part of an exclusive new interview celebrating Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary, producer Rick McCallum tells Star Wars Insider how the logistics of mounting adventures for young Indiana Jones led to the Return of the Jedi.

10 from IX

Star Wars Insider explores ten life lessons from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) that might help us better navigate our own lives.

Bonnie Piesse Interview

Soon to reprise her role as Beru Lars in the forthcoming Lucasfilm and Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi, the actor looks back at life on Tatooine during the production of theStar Wars prequels.

Virtual Fandom

The sweeping COVID-19 pandemic led to plans for conventions and social gatherings across the globe to be abandoned, but the determined Star Wars community wouldn’t be denied so easily by a microscopic virus. Fans and official outlets alike quickly adapted, ensuring our fandom became even closer, albeit online.

One such fan was Star Wars Insider contributor Melissa T. Miller, who reveals her experiences and those of others in bringing fans together against all odds.

A Certain Point of View

Star Wars expert Jay Stobie uncovers the long history of Death Star technology and its deployment.

Exclusive Fiction: “Hidden Danger”

Part two of Justina Ireland’s all-new The High Republic short story.

Previously: Violence had been the last thing anyone expected from the learned scientists who’d gathered on Starlight Beacon for the Galactic Agricultural Alliance’s annual conference, yet Velko Jahen and Ghal Tarpfen had already intervened to stop one brutal fight, only to be faced with an even bigger outbreak…

STAR WARS INSIDER #204 is on sale: U.S. August 10 and U.K. August 19.





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