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How Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) Could Be Made Canon

By Josh Bate

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of the most popular titles in the iconic franchise to date, with the series introducing countless iconic characters from Ahsoka Tano to Saw Gerrera and more. The Clone Wars proved to be a groundbreaking project for the franchise, moving it into new and unique story directions and expanding what Star Wars could be. The popularity became so immense even years after the show’s first ending that it was brought back for a season 7, which included the Mandalore arc and saw the show transition from the Clone Wars to the era of the Empire.

Because of its illustrious place in Star Wars history, it’s easy to look over the fact that this was actually the second show set during the Clone Wars. Prior to the release of Revenge of the Sith, a show titled Star Wars: Clone Wars aired on Cartoon Network. This was vastly different from the more famous Star Wars animated series that holds a similar name, as the 2003 Clone Wars show was heavily stylized both visually and story wise, as it was action heavy and often featured very little dialogue.

2003’s Clone Wars series has largely been overlooked in the years since, and it’s presence in canon is unclear. Initially, 2008’s The Clone Wars positioned itself in the middle of the galaxy wide conflict in order to not interfere with the 2003 show, meaning both were planned to be canon together. However, the 2008 series’ dominance has meant Clone Wars is largely considered un-canon now. However, it seems there are ways that this series can be shifted back into canon.

Check out The HoloFiles’ video on how Clone Wars can be made canon:

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