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Jared Leto Wants Morbius To Meet Iron Man And Venom In The Future

By Josh Bate

The release of Morbius is nearly here, and at long last. The film premieres next week and is part of the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters (dubbed the SUMC), a world that appears to be at least somewhat connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe given Tom Hardy’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Regardless of the world it’s set in, the multiverse now means that movies like Morbius don’t necessarily have to exist on the same Earth as an MCU title in order to be connected, a concept that No Way Home demonstrated with its three Spider-Man heroes. Recently, star Jared Leto addressed the possibility of Morbius crossing over into other universe at some point in an interview with ScreenRant, and which heroes he’d like his character to meet:

“Besides Robert Downey’s Iron Man, there are so many people that would be fantastic. But, of course, Venom would make a lot of sense. That would be fun.”

Venom and Morbius meeting does make a lot of sense, as Sony holds the rights to those two characters in full, and Jared Leto even name-drops Venom in one of the trailers for the new film. Given that Michael Keaton is also set to appear in Morbius, it seems completely plausible that many Spider-Man villains will interact with and meet each other at some point.

Morbius releases exclusively in movie theaters on April 1.

Source: Screenrant

Images courtesy of Sony

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