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Steven Spielberg’s Blackhawk Film Is Still In Development

By Josh Bate

In 2018, Steven Spielberg was revealed to be working on his first every superhero project in the form of Blackhawk, an adaption of the comics of the same name which saw a group of World War II soldiers fighting Nazis and Axis power enemies. David Koepp was also said to be attached, re-teaming with Spielberg after previously writing the screenplay for Jurassic Park.

Since then, there have been few, if any, developments for Blackhawk. Given the massive amount of changes at DC and their films, transitioning away from the Snyder universe into something new, as well as new leadership in place, many fans assumed that this is one of the projects left behind in the wake of the restructure, or even forgot about its existence entirely.

However, Koepp recently spoke to Collider, where he revealed that Blackhawk is still in development and is far from abandoned.

“We have a script that’s very good and we all think it’s very good. There were a lot of management changes at Warner Bros, so I think we’ve just been kind of waiting for that to settle down and for them to decide what they want to do with their DC Universe. Obviously I hope [Spielberg] does it or if he doesn’t direct it, I hope he produces it, someone great directs. Because it would be a great deal of fun. I’m very fond of the script and I hope it comes together. But again, that’s one of those movies that’s gonna need $200 million so, trying to get those whales off the beach is a big process.”

Koepp was then asked if it would be set in the main DC universe, the home of famous characters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, and more.

“No, and it would be hard because it’s 1941 or 1940, actually. So it would be a little tricky. As we were developing the script, we said ‘Hey, let’s make one great movie. It’s 1940, that’s the way it is.’ And if it works out and in the future they decide they want to unite anybody, I’m sure time travel will not be a problem. Because comic books have a great way of figuring that stuff out. ‘We need Wonder Woman to be there!’ Fine. Well, then she can, because of the ‘Prometheus Portal’. I’m like ‘what’s the Prometheus Portal.’ ‘You don’t know about the Prometheus Portal?'”

Koepp seems passionate about the screenplay and the future of the project, even if there have been few developments in recent years. Spielberg has moved on to other titles like West Side Story, a major player at this year’s Academy Awards, but given Blackhawk’s World War II setting that the iconic director is so fond of, it still remains a serious possibility that this title moves forward.

Source: Collider

Images courtesy of DC and Warner Bros

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