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The Batman To Release On HBO Max April 19

By Josh Bate

The Batman released in theaters to almost universal appraise from fans and critics alike, with audiences citing Matt Reeves’ attention to the film’s visuals and unique take on Bruce Wayne as particular highlights of the nearly 3-hour long epic. Robert Pattinson starred as Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman, in the second year of his crime fighting that he labels the ‘Gotham Project’. Zoë Kravitz stars alongside Pattinson as Catwoman, with Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell also in major roles.

Despite the fact that its theatrical opening was only a month ago, Warner Bros. appear to be sticking to their 45-day cinema to streaming plan as The Batman is scheduled to come to HBO Max on April 19. This follows a similar path that Disney took with some of its superhero films, most recently Shang Chi- and the Legend of the 10 Rings and Eternals, both of which came to Disney+ just a few months after their debut in theaters. However, other studios have taken a different path, as Sony opted to keep Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters for over three months before having it release on VOD, and it has yet to find its way to a streaming service.

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