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REVIEW: Moon Knight: Episode 2

By Josh Bate

The MCU’s foray into television continues with the second episode of Moon Knight, which released today on Disney+. Last week’s premiere outing was received well by fans and critics as Steven Grant and his alter ego, Marc Spector, were introduced. Oscar Isaac’s range was on full display, and audiences got a tease of Ethan Hawke’s menacing villain.

Episode 2 of Moon Knight is more of the same same, revealing more of the mystery as Moon Knight is a character is explored in more depth. Oscar Isaac is somehow even better in this episode as he gets more time to play Marc Spector in the new outing. Some fans were disappointed with the lack of Spector and his alter ego, Moon Knight, in the premiere, but this episode features more of these two. The ending tease, in which Marc is now in control and finds himself in Egypt, ready to stop Hawke’s character from enacting his evil plan, sets up a promising latter four episodes.

Mr. Knight is introduced in this episode, which gives Steven Grant an opportunity to join the action sequences without showing Moon Knight too much. Broadly speaking, the inclusion of Mr. Knight allows for the terrific costume designers working on the show to display their work, as the clothing worn by Oscar Isaac as he transitions into a superhero and vigilante is some of the best of the entire franchise. That its arguably the peak of MCU costume design is a testament to the quality on display, especially when other famous suits like Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther are considered.

This second episode makes it clear that this show is going down a similar route to that of Arrow, another superhero television series, in that it is taking its time to transition the main hero into their true selves that have become so famous in the comic books. For example, it took Stephen Amell’s character several seasons to develop into the definitive version of Green Arrow as there was a clear evolution and buildup. Although Marc Spector is already Moon Knight, that Steven Grant is completely unaware (until now) of this side of himself makes for a truly unique MCU story that promises to be different from every origins story told before in the franchise.

These first two episodes have primarily been used to build up what’s to come, and it seems like the battle between a good god (if he can be described as that) and a bad one is set to unfold in Egypt. Before that, though, there’s a great action sequence in London, so even as there’s a slow and deliberate progression of the plot and the character, there’s more than enough to keep audiences entertained. Broadly speaking, the action is better directed than many previous MCU shows, which is not a criticism of what’s come before. Rather, it’s indicative of the quake on display here.

Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are two of the most prestigious actors working today, so for them to sign up to such a project means they saw something special in it, especially as the latter has never appeared in a superhero movie or show before. This special quality is seen again in the second episode, as there’s an element of refined-ness to Moon Knight thus far.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Moon Knight’s second episode continues its character focused season with another terrific performance from Oscar Isaac, and Ethan Hawke also shines in his villainous role.

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