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Revisiting The Best Ever Batman Scene

By Josh Bate

With The Batman’s release early last month came a vast amount of comparisons to previous iterations with the character, and in particular Christian Bale’s Dark Knight. Prior to Robert Pattinson, Bale was arguably the most universally beloved actor to play the Caped Crusader, with his movies proving to be the best received of the bunch.

The Dark Knight in particular has since gone down as the best DC film to date, and perhaps even the strongest superhero title ever made. The action, suspense, and more all made Christopher Nolan’s second film in the trilogy universally loved, with Heath Ledger’s Joker proving to be a particular highlight. Ledger revolutionized the character with a haunting, terrifying performance that made the Joker a completely unhinged anarchist that fit in completely with Nolan’s affection for realism in the Batman world and Gotham City.

Arguably the best scene of The Dark Knight is when Joker takes a public venue hostage and has a tense altercation with Rachel Dawes before Batman bursts in in true epic fashion. Ledger is center stage in the sequence that is arguably not only the highlight of this film, but the best scene in a Batman movie to date.

Check out the scene here:

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