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Will Grant Gustin Appear In The Flash Movie?

By Julie Catherine

The Flash is scheduled to release in June of next year, with its latest delay proving to be quite a significant one. Fans appear to be excited for the film that is tipped to usher in a new era of the DCEU. Supergirl is set to be introduced, as is Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Keaton is putting on the cape and cowl once again and is expected to become the DCEU’s sole Batman going forward, replacing Ben Affleck as he exits the role. Robert Pattinson is set to have the majority of the Dark Knight’s screen time as he stars in his own solo movies, but Keaton will remain as an important supporting character.

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As stated, Keaton is reintroduced in The Flash, the film that is the Scarlet Speedster’s movie debut after the character has an ongoing solo series starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Given that the movie version of the character and the TV iteration met in the CW’s crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s possible that Gustin could appear again.

Given that The Flash will explore the DC multiverse, with Keaton’s Batman being transported into the main universe, for example, it seems that the precedent has been set to bring Gustin into the fold just as the reverse occurred on television. If he does, it would be a monumental event that brings together DV television and movies on the big screen.

The Flash premieres exclusively in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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