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Jeremy Irons To Appear As Alfred In The Flash

By Josh Bate

As the DCEU transitions into a new era, which is said to begin in 2023’s The Flash, previous actors like Ben Affleck look to be on their way out. Affleck is set to be replaced by Michael Keaton as the DCEU’s Batman going forward in what the actor has described as a gracious exit from the franchise.

Other performers like Henry Cavill, who ushered in this universe with his starring role as Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel, have uncertain futures in the franchise and while it’s possible the actor continues to play the hero, it’s also plausible that he’s donned the suit and cape for the last time. Many thought that Jeremy Irons, who played Alfred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and both versions of Justice League, had had his last runout as Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler. Now, it seems that Irons will be back for one last time.

As first reported by ViewerAnon on Twitter, a reliable scooper and industry insider, Irons will appear in The Flash alongside Ben Affleck. Check out the user’s tweet here:

This news seems to further confirm that The Flash will be a big scale, epic entry in the DCEU that forever changes the dynamic of the franchise.

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