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DC To Undergo Overhaul Under Warner Bros. Discovery

By Josh Bate

Warner Bros. were recently acquired by Discovery in a monumental acquisition for the future of the studio and the landscape of the film and television industry more broadly.

The CEO of both companies, David Zaslav, is said to want to revitalize the franchise and make DC a more coherent unit rather than a scattershot approach that has emerged in the years after Justice League in 2017. Zaslav is said to desire a Kevin Feige-like figure to lead the company and plan for the future in a creative and strategic overhaul. Feige has led Marvel Studios, DC’s primary rival and competitor in the superhero sphere, to new heights as the most profitable franchise in film history.

According to Variety, Zaslav is said to desire the prioritization of Superman, a character that has fallen by the waist side to a certain extent in the past few years. Henry Cavill last played the Man of Steel cinematically, but his future is unclear. Meanwhile, the TV series Superman & Lois is the primary content featuring the iconic character at present.

DC fans should also expect more titles like Joker in the future as Zaslav admired the creative approach from Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix, especially as it crafted a truly unique corner of the comic book market that is vastly different from anything Marvel have done, especially in recent years. Gaming is also another area that Zaslav hopes to improve, as DC once had the incredibly popular Batman Arkham franchise. Now, the rise of Spider-Man on PlayStation has meant that DC have lost ground on Marvel in this area as well.

Source: Variety

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