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Moon Knight Show Runner Reveals Why The Series Avoided MCU Connections

By Josh Bate

The latest MCU Disney+ series Moon Knight has shocked some viewers, not only with its massive episode four twist but due to the isolated nature of the show.

While most titles set in this sprawling cinematic universe feature a healthy amount of references and Easter eggs to firmly situate it within this shared world, Moon Knight opts to keep other heroes at a healthy distance.

This unique choice was addressed by Moon Knight show runner Aaron Moorhead, who spoke with Digital Spy as to why the creative team behind the series felt this was the right decision.

“Making sure that Moon Knight was something that could completely stand alone as a character was one of the foundations of doing this entire project. Our executive producer Grant [Curtis] and also Mohamed [Diab], the other director and EP, they were all saying, ‘There’s no reason to do this if we’re not going to be able to be bold by spending all the currency of having a character that no one knows anything about, and it doesn’t have to tie in in any way. There’s no expectations on him, so we can do anything that we want… and that was actually one of the reasons that Justin and I really wanted to do this project. It’s that there was… He could be anything. The project could be anything.”

Moon Knight is certainly unique, as stated in The HoloFiles’ review of the first four episodes:

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