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Weirdest Star Wars Merchandise

By Josh Bate, Julie Catherine, and George Bate

If you’re a Star Wars fan, your home is likely filled with a myriad of toys, collectibles, trinkets, and more from a galaxy far, far away. But, while many of these items are what you would expect (i.e. a Yoda action figure, a Darth Vader lightsaber, etc.), some Star Wars merchandise is downright crazy.

Here’s some of the wildest, weirdest, and wackiest Star Wars merchandise ever released.

Jar Jar Binks Lollipop

Starting this list off with a bang, the Jar Jar Binks lollipop is as unusual as it gets for Star Wars merchandise.

C-3PO Tape Dispenser

The infamous Threepio tape dispenser was pulled from store shelves and discontinued shortly after release. Wonder why?

Revenge of the Sith Air Sickness Bag

LucasArts and Virgin Atlantic teamed up for this essential piece of Star Wars merchandise. Not only does the sickness bag provide a handy receptacle for vomit, but it includes instructions on how to wield a lightsaber and beat Sith Lords.

R2-D2 Aquarium

R2-D2 is a fan favorite, but even the most devoted R2 fans may hesitate to have this item in their home.

Star Wars and Galactic Funk by Meco

Although Star Wars is timeless, this album of funk remixes is about as 1970s as it gets.

Wampa Rug

Probably the most terrifying item on this list, the Wampa rug is not for the faint hearted.

Slave Leia Perfume

A Star Wars Celebration V convention exclusive, the Slave Leia perfume was a questionable choice of merchandise to say the least. The back of the package reads, “Chains cannot restrain your smoldering sensuality even when the most despicable scum in the galaxy surround you.” Thankfully, Star Wars has moved away from this sort of thing.

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