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Thor: Love and Thunder Post Credits Scenes Explained

By George Bate

It wouldn’t be an MCU movie without a post credits scene or two to close out the experience. The latest Marvel Studios effort, Thor: Love and Thunder, is no exception as it features a mid-credits scene and post-credits scene. Let’s breakdown what happens in these final scenes and what they mean for future MCU films.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder

Mid-Credits Scene

The mid-credits scene puts Russell Crowe in the spotlight once again. Crowe is easily one of the film’s highlights, delivering a memorable and absurdly over-the-top performance as the Zeus.

In the mid-credits scene, Zeus, surrounded by his followers from earlier in the film, is reeling over Thor and friends’ disastrous entry into his throne. Zeus has survived the lightning bolt to the chest and vows to seek revenge against the God of Thunder.

The mid-credits scene concludes with the camera panning toward who Russell Crowe’s Zeus is speaking to – none other than Hercules. Hercules is played by Brett Goldstein, best known for his role as the foul-mouthed former captain of Richmond FC in Ted Lasso.

This marks Hercules’ first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following a rich history in Marvel comics. Hercules was introduced in the 1960s as a rival of Thor’s and has since appeared as a member of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Hercules will (hopefully) be another LGBTQ+ character to join the MCU as he is currently dating Marvel Boy in the comics.

Post-Credits Scene

Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits scene proves that death is not necessarily the end of the road in the MCU. The scene picks up at the gates of Valhalla with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster being welcomed by Idris Elba, reprising his role as Heimdall from previous MCU films. Apparently, Jane ended up making to Valhalla after dying in battle (or, at least shortly after battle).

The post-credits scene leaves the door open for Portman and Elba’s return to the franchise in one way or another. The recent escapades into the multiverse allows other possibilities for the characters and actors to reprise their roles once again.


Thor: Love and Thunder ends with the words “Thor will return” on screen. The whole “[blank] will return” has been featured in various MCU films, but dates back much earlier to the James Bond films of the 1960s and 1970s.

It’ll be interesting to see where the God of Thunder goes from here. Is a fifth solo effort in the cards? Maybe Thor’s next appearance will be in a team-up film, such as the rumored Secret Wars or perhaps a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Regardless, expect to see more of Chris Hemsworth’s hammer-swinging hero in the future.

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