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New ‘Black Adam’ Trailer References ‘Batman v Superman’ and Other DC Films

By George Bate

A month away from its release date and the promotional campaign for Black Adam is quickly ramping up.

Today, star Dwayne Johnson posted a new look at the film and teased that “a new era in the DC Universe has begun.” Despite this claim that Black Adam will bring the DC Universe into a new era, the newest trailer interestingly begins with brief looks at previous DC movies with ambiguous canon-standing.

The original trailer controversially featured Steppenwolf from the 2017 cut of Justice League. After much fan backlash, a “Corrected” version of the trailer was released with Steppenwolf omitted.

First up are images from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the divisive 2016 film that marked Zack Snyder’s initial attempt to launch a DC Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, amidst uncertainties surrounding who will play Batman and Superman in future films, neither Ben Affleck nor Henry Cavill are shown in this new Black Adam trailer, just symbols representing their characters. So, the ambiguity about who will play Batman and Superman in the DCEU continues.

Another image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, showcasing Warner Bros.’s increased confidence that Gadot is their Wonder Woman moving forward.

This is followed by a look at Jason Momoa suited up as Aquaman in his 2018 film and Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey.

Ezra Miller, the controversial actor embroiled in scandal after scandal, is entirely absent from this look back at the DCEU. With Miller’s The Flash set to hit theaters next year, Warner Bros. will have to promote their highly anticipated film with a star (who plays the both the hero and lead villain) they likely want to create some distance from.

Black Adam hits theaters October 21.

The new trailer can be seen below.

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