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Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 Art Revealed

By George Bate & Josh Bate

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 is right around the corner and, in typical Star Wars Celebration fashion, fans can catch a glimpse at some of the stunning work on display at the Art Show. This year’s Art Show for Star Wars Celebration features a wide range of displays drawing upon the prequel trilogy, The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and more.

Check out all of the incredible art below!

“My Only Hope” by Tricia Benson

“Tales of the Jedi” by Joe Hogan

“A World Between Worlds” by Cryssy Cheung

“Gioconda Amidala” by Erik Maell

“Fate of the Galaxy” by Haitem Gasmi

“Every Day We Wait, They Get Stronger” by Sam Gilbey

“We Are All Connected” by Jodie Rae Charity

“From the Ashes of Mandalore” by Adam Schickling

“We’ll Handle This” by Brandon Kenney

“The Scavenger” by Frank Sansone

“Protectors” by Al Abbazia

“The Dark Times” by Jonathan Beistline

Academy BFFs by Nick Scurfield

“Beyond A Jedi” by Lin Zy

“Hope” by Ashraf Omar

“Extraction Team Bravo” by Malcolm Tween

“We Have a Visitor” by Jason W. Christman

“Twilight on Endor” by Sandra Kamenz

“Things That Were” by Zoltan Simon

“Art Gu-Gro” by Shyla Lee

“Unbreakable Bond” by Chris Dee

“Guardians of the New Republic” by Jason Davies

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