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Did Dave Filoni Confirm Ahsoka is a Jedi Wayseeker?

By George Bate & Josh Bate

Ahsoka High Republic

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Dave Filoni discussed the upcoming Ahsoka series and hinted at a possible connection to The High Republic.

Filoni stated, “She’s a wanderer at this point and is in a lot of ways wary of any organization as such because of the power that comes with it as a group…She walks a path that basically died out a long time ago. And there aren’t many like her left, if any. So that’s a lonely thing. What is that life like? If you are a loner, you have a very small circle of friends. What is it like, then, when you try to open back up?”

Filoni’s comments hint that Ahsoka may be a Jedi Wayseeker, a type of Jedi introduced in The High Republic: Into the Dark that has since appeared in an array of other High Republic stories. Wayseekers are Jedi who have made the decision to be independent of the Jedi High Council. Wayseekers are known to pursue contemplative meditation in isolation, but are still willing to be guardians of the peace when conflict arises.

Ahsoka may be a new kind of Wayseeker in the upcoming series. Admittedly, there is no Jedi High Council to be independent from at this point in the timeline, but the idea of a more nomadic, isolated Jedi aligns with Jedi Wayseekers. As hinted at in the novel Padawan by Kiersten White, it appears that Wayseekers are a thing of the past, but Filoni’s new show may be ushering in a re-introduction of this unique type of Jedi.

Ahsoka starts streaming this August on Disney+.

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