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Possible Huge Star Wars Cameo Revealed in New Forbes Piece

By George Bate & Josh Bate

The Acolyte cameo

WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers for The Acolyte

Embedded in a new article from Forbes was a dumbfounding reveal about the upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte. While this ‘reveal’ is probably better characterized as a rumor, it nonetheless could be true. So, proceed forward with caution if you wish to avoid any potential spoilers.

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The Forbes article written by contributor Caroline Reid reveals that John Wick himself Keanu Reeves will make a cameo appearance in The Acolyte. The exact quote from the article reads as follows:

“Perhaps the biggest name amongst its ranks only came to light a few days ago when it was revealed that Keanu Reeves will have a cameo in the show.”

If this rumor is true, The Acolyte will see Reeves reunite with his The Matrix co-star Carrie Ann Moss. And, if true, there is a seemingly endless number of character types Reeves could be playing in the series. But, let’s speculate a bit.

The Acolyte is set during the Golden Age of the Jedi Order, approximately 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. With the Jedi at their peak, it’s possible Reeves is joining the ensemble cast as a Jedi Master. However, Leslye Headland has described the series as being primarily about the dark side of the Force, implying Reeves could be a Sith. Many have long fan-cast Reeves as Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic. And, even though Revan existed hundreds of years before when The Acolyte is set in Legends, there are a number of ways in which the famous Sith Lord could appear in the show. Whether it be flashback, vision, or a change to the character altogether that allows him to exist during the High Republic era, the prospect of Keanu Reeves as Revan is certainly exciting.

The Acolyte cameo

For now, though, this is mere speculation. Keanu Reeves may be heading to a galaxy far, far away. Or, he may be sticking to his bulletproof suits and arsenal of firearms for more John Wick films.

Stay tuned to The HoloFiles and Star Wars Holocron for continued coverage of The Acolyte. And click here to read a description of the footage of The Acolyte show at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023.

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