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‘Captain America: Brave New World’ CinemaCon Footage Shows First Look at Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross

By George & Josh Bate

The fourth installment in the Captain America franchise, and the film that everyone will going to see next Valentine’s Day, was spotlighted during Disney’s 2024 CinemaCon presentation.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige appeared on stage to talk about various upcoming MCU films, including Captain America: Brave New World. He began discussing this film by honoring the 10th anniversary of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That film was a serious and grounded political thriller, and Feige suggested that Captain America: Brave New World will have a similar tone.

Two scenes from Captain America: Brave New World were shown to the CinemaCon crowd. 

The first scene shows Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus Ross in the Oval Office. Ross has recently been elected President of the United States and welcomes Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in for a conversation. This interaction is framed in a manner somewhat reminiscent of scenes from Mr. Robot as the character is fairly low in the frame with much of the frame dedicated to empty space above the characters (we’ve included a shot from Mr. Robot below for reference).

Harrison Ford’s President Ross jokes that he had to lose his mustache in order to be elected, explaining why the character does not have his trademark facial hair. It’s also worth noting here that this is the first time we’ve seen Ross played by anyone other than William Hurt. After Hurt passed away, Ford stepped into the role, which many have speculated will be significant in this Captain America film. 

Ross reveals that he’s brought Sam Wilson to the Oval Office, because he wants him to start a new version of the Avengers. Wilson is initially reluctant to do this, but the conversation doesn’t go much further as this scene comes to an end.

Next up is another scene from Captain America: Brave New World. This scene shows Ford’s President Ross giving a speech to a number of politicians and Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley in which he congratulates Sam Wilson and Danny Ramirez’s Joaquin Torres for preventing some kind of disaster in Japan.

During Ross’ speech, a song comes on, taking Ross aback. Suddenly, Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah appears to be activated just like Bucky was with the Winter Soldier protocol in Captain America: Civil War. Isaiah proceeds to go on a rampage, effortlessly throwing people around as he tries to assassinate President Ross. Sam and Joaquin Torres get involved in the fight, which goes through the White House all the way into the Oval Office. The scene came to an end before the fight resolved.

After these two scenes, a trailer showcasing various scenes from Captain America: Brave New World was presented to the crowd. The footage was cut together fairly quickly and showed many action scenes involving Sam Wilson. The footage concluded with our best look yet at Wilson’s new Captain America suit. Sam appears to be wearing the suit in a Japanese garden before turning to the camera, bringing the footage to an end.

Captain America: Brave New World hits theaters February 14, 2025. Check out a full description of all of the footage from Deadpool & Wolverine shown at CinemaCon below:

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