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BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars: Dad Jokes

By George & Josh Bate

It’s fitting that a franchise whose most famous line is a declaration of fatherhood finally has a book dedicated to dad jokes. That’s the focus of Star Wars: Dad Jokes – The Best Worst Jokes and Puns from A Galaxy Far, Far Away…., a new book by author Kelly Knox with illustrations by Johnny Sampson. The 128-page hardcover book takes Star Wars fans through a number of funny and punny jokes, interspersed with comical illustrations of iconic characters.

For the past several years, Star contributor and author of Star Wars: Conversation Cards and Star Wars: Be More Obi-Wan Kelly Knox has treated Star Wars Twitter with a number of hilarious puns and dad jokes related to a galaxy far, far away. Now, Knox turns her penchant for dad jokes into a book full of her trademark tongue-in-cheek witticisms.

Star Wars: Dad Jokes best fits into a category of Star Wars books filled with other family-friendly, non-narrative releases. It’s the kind of book that would make the perfect stocking-stuffer for a certain kind of Star Wars fan. Or something one could read with the whole family to have a laugh together. For us, Star Wars brings joy in so many different ways, and Dad Jokes highlights yet another reason why we love this universe. An episode of The Bad Batch, for instance, can move us to tears. An episode of Andor can change the way in which we view others and the world. And a joke from Knox’s Dad Jokes book can make one smile and provide much needed levity in this day and age.

As a review for this kind of book is admittedly quite difficult, we thought we’d point out a few of other favorite jokes from the book.

Accompanied with a terrific illustration of Doctor Aphra by Johnny Sampson, Knox writes, “Have you met rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra? Her career is in ruins.” As particular Aphra fans (especially of Alyssa Wong’s recent comic run of the character), we found this joke to be clever and funny – the kind of joke where you think ‘of course that’s the answer to the joke/question’ after hearing the joke/question.

Another of our favorites involves Jar Jar Binks. “When is a door a Gungan?” Knox poses. “When it’s a Jar Jar.” Just in time for the 25th anniversary re-release of The Phantom Menace, a well-intentioned joke featuring everyone’s favorite Gungan had to be among our favorites from the book.

And, finally, “Did you know Sith don’t have midi-chlorians? They have mean-o acids.” If you’re a Star Wars fan and you read that joke, how can you not crack a smile?


Star Wars: Dad Jokes takes Kelly Knox’s trademark proclivity for dad humor and puns and turns it into a 128-page hardcover for fans of all ages. Covering characters and situations from across the entire Star Wars saga, Knox’s book has something for all kinds of Star Wars fans and demonstrates the incredible diversity with which this franchise can elicit joy and entertainment. Whether it be a fun stocking-stuffer for the Star Wars fan in your life or a light-hearted addition to your collection of fun Star Wars texts, Star Wars: Dad Jokes will bring a smile to your face and arm you with some great jokes to use with other fans of this galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Dad Jokes – The Best Worst Jokes and Puns From A Galaxy Far, Far Away…. is available for purchase from Chronicle Books now!

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