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Hugh Grant Reportedly In Talks To Star In New Doctor Who Season

By Josh Bate

Doctor Who is a beloved sci-fi series that has continued for decades since its initial release in 1963. Since then, thirteen actors have played the Doctor, the time traveling adventurer who moves around in a British telephone box that is significantly bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. More recently, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whitaker have played the Doctor since the series returned to fans’ screens in 2005 after a nine year hiatus. Recently, it was confirmed that former showrunner and writer Russell T. Davies would return to the series after previously overseeing Tennant’s Doctor Who era. Whitaker has announced she will be moving on from the role, meaning that a new actor will play the Doctor moving forward.

Now, it seems as if the new actor could be none other than Hugh Grant, an award winning English actor most famous for his roles in Love Actually and About a Boy. According to the Daily Mirror, Grant is currently in talks to play the fourteenth Doctor in Davies’ upcoming season, which has been described as a reboot of sorts.

Grant is a renowned actor, arguably more so than some of the previous performers were when they took on the role (Matt Smith in particular was a relative unknown at the time of his hiring, with Doctor Who proving to be a launchpad for his career since). Grant has a charming and cool exterior as an actor, yet one that also comes off as humble, and he certainly has the ability to take on such a role. Grant’s comedic timing should also be noted, as this is a hallmark of Doctor Who. David Tennant and Matt Smith in particular became known for their funny quips while in the role.

Grant is not the first actor to be linked to this role, with David Tennant rumored earlier this year to become the first person to play the Doctor on two separate occasions. Given showrunner Davies’ previous experience working with Tennant, the rumor made a degree of sense, but it seems more believable that a new actor would be chosen.

Source: Daily Mirror

Images courtesy of BBC and The Times

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