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Andor Star Adria Arjona Comments On The Upcoming Star Wars Series

By Josh Bate

Adria Ajrona has appeared in some exciting projects in recent years, with supporting roles in Pacific Rim: Uprising, Triple Frontier, and a central position in Netflix’s 6 Underground. More recently, Arjona stars in Sony’s Morbius, which follows a doctor who tests a cure for a red blood disease on himself, only to cause vampire like symptoms to occur. Morbius is a reoccurring Spider-Man villain in the comics, and Arjona’s character encounters the famous Marvel hero on a few occasions as well. Arjona plays Martine Bancroft, a fellow doctor who helps Morbius with his experiment and also acts as a love interest for the central character.

Morbius is the start of a busy year for Arjona, who is also set to star in Star Wars: Andor. Not much is known about Andor aside from Diego Luna’s return to the franchise and that it will be a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The series is said to be set a few years prior and is described as a spy thriller in the Star Wars galaxy.

The specifics of Arjona’s role are unknown at this time, but it appears that she will be a lead character in the series. While on the press tour for Morbius, Arjona discussed the secrecy around Andor, as well as the warm reception she’s received.

“I think they hired the wrong person, because it’s so hard not to share everything! It’s amazing. I can feel already the love and appreciation from the people, and I could feel people welcoming me into both universes. I don’t know, it feels really cool. I almost got goosebumps when you said it. I still can’t believe it.”

In an interview with W Magazine, Arjona went on talk briefly about her character, but hesitated to give any specifics aside from her affection for the role.

“I was about to tattoo her name on me because I think it’s such a cool name. And as I’m on my way, I’m like, wait, I can’t do that, what if someone asks me what it is before the series premieres? But I will get it at some point.”

Fans will have to wait a few more months to see Adria Arjona in Andor, but for now, the actress appears in Morbius, now in theaters.

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Source: Screenrant and W Magazine

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