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Will Batgirl Keep Its 2022 Release Date?

By Josh Bate

Amidst the arrival of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a film set apart from the larger DC universe that includes Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and more, a slew of changes to the upcoming schedule of Warner Bros. comic book titles were announced. Films like The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Black Adam, all of which were set to come out in the second half of this year, were all delayed to 2023.

One DC film that hasn’t yet been moved is the HBO Max exclusive Batgirl, which starts Leslie Grace in the lead role and also features supporting appearances by none other than Michael Keaton and JK Simmons, reprising their roles as Batman and Jim Gordon respectively. Batgirl is scheduled to be one of the first films in the new look DCEU, which looks set to be greatly changed from the events of The Flash, a project described as a loose adaption of the comic storyline Flashpoint.

Warner Bros. and DC have confirmed that The Flash will usher in Keaton as a new yet familiar Batman for the universe, with Robert Pattinson the main focus of the character as he gets his own solo films isolated from the broader universe. Keaton has been described as having a Nick Fury type role for the DCEU going forward, appearing in supporting roles to mentor the likes of Batgirl, the Flash, and more.

A producer at Warner Bros. wrote on Facebook earlier this year that Batgirl will release on streaming in December of 2022, a date that is prior to The Flash’s new June 23, 2023 spot on the calendar. Given that The Flash will officially usher in the new era of DC films, it remains unclear if Batgirl will still release in 2022 or it will be held until after the Speedster’s first ever solo outing.

However, Keaton’s presence in Batgirl seems to suggest that the film will be forced to wait until after The Flash is released, especially as the latter will explain all of the alterations to the universe that appear in the Leslie Grace-led movie. Even as audiences might recognize Keaton in the role from the late 80’s and early 90’s, including a new Batman in what is said to be a sizable supporting role might result in some confusion for viewers, and Batgirl might be enjoyed more if it’s held until the back half of 2023.

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