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The Batman 2 Is Officially Happening

By George Bate

Batman fans rejoice as Warner Bros. just announced a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Batman at CinemaCon.

During Warner Bros.’ presentation at the theatrical exhibition, director Matt Reeves announced that a sequel to The Batman is on the horizon. Reeves confirmed that the cast, including star Robert Pattinson, will return. The sequel was not given a title or a release date, but Reeves promised more information at an upcoming CinemaCon.

A sequel to The Batman was expected given the rave critical and fan reception to the newest adventure of the Caped Crusader. Reeves’ film currently sits at an 85% critic consensus on Rotten Tomatoes and has grossed over $750 million at the global box office.

Matt Reeves has discussed his desire to work with Mr. Freeze in the future. Check out more information here:

Mr. Freeze Is A Tough Adaptation, But Could Work For The Batman Sequel

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.

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