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Every Doctor Who Incarnation, Ranked

By Josh Bate

Doctor Who is one of the most popular and influential science fiction series of all time, having served as the direct inspiration for countless other titles. The unique premise, of a time traveler who has the ability to regenerate and change his face (thus giving him the chance to die and still live), is one that stands apart from anything else on television.

The show was off air for some time before it was revived in 2005, spearheaded by Christopher Eccelston in the title role. Eccelston lasted only six episodes before leaving and then refused to come back for the anniversary special in 2013, citing maltreatment from the BBC. Since then, though, David Tennant and Matt Smith in particular helped relaunch the show and the duo made its popularity soar once again. In the new run, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whitaker have also played the Doctor, as well as a few alternate universes/recasting of past incarnations.

Here’s our ranking of every Doctor from worst to best.

13. The 8th Doctor – Paul McGann

12. The 3rd Doctor – Jon Pertwee

11. The 6th Doctor – Colin Baker

10. The 13th Doctor – Jodie Whitaker

9. The 7th Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

8. The 1st Doctor – William Hartnell

7. The 2nd Doctor – Patrick Troughton

6. The 5th Doctor – Peter Davidson

5. The 12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi

4. The 9th Doctor – Christopher Eccelston

3. The 4th Doctor – Tom Baker

2. The 11th Doctor – Matt Smith

1. The 10th Doctor – David Tennant

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