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Movies & Shows To Watch – August 2022

By Julie Catherine

The return of a classic horror franchise, the long-awaited adaptation of a beloved comic series, two new Marvel stories, and a Star Wars prequel are in store this August. Here’s a breakdown of the movies and shows to look out for this month.


When: August 5

Where: Hulu

Plot: The Predator franchise shifts focus to the Comanche nation over 300 years ago, where a skilled woman goes head-to-head with the deadly creature.

The Sandman

When: August 5

Where: Netflix

Plot: 30 years of lingering in development hell have finally passed and the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s iconic comic series is here:

Bullet Train

When: August 5

Where: Theaters

Plot: Deadpool 2 director David Leitch directs Brad Pitt in this new action film about assassins on a collision course with another while aboard the world’s fastest train


When: August 5

Where: Peacock

Plot: A slasher film about a mysterious killer who attacks an LGBTQ+ conversion camp.

I Am Groot

When: August 10

Where: Disney+

Plot: Baby Groot features in a series of new animated shorts.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

When: August 12

Where: Theaters

Plot: A group of friends’ hurricane party at a remote mansion is disrupted when one of them is killed, leading the friends to question who is the murder.

Day Shift

When: August 12

Where: Netflix

Plot: Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and Dave Franco team up to fight vampires in this new horror/comedy.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

When: August 17

Where: Disney+

Plot: Jennifer Walters navigates life as a lawyer and a superhero in this new MCU series.

Orphan: First Kill

When: August 19

Where: Paramount+ and Theaters

Plot: Prequel to Orphan following Esther as she impersonates a missing child.

House of the Dragon

When: August 21

Where: HBO Max

Plot: This Game of Thrones prequel follows House Targaryen 200 years before the famous HBO series.


When: August 31

Where: Disney+

Plot: This prequel to Rogue One follows rebel Cassian Andor before his heroic sacrifice on Scatif.

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