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90-Minute Overlooked Gems Streaming Now on Netflix

By George Bate & Josh Bate

It can be hard to filter through the immense volume of movies and television shows available on Netflix. It’s even harder when there are time constraints or you just feel like watching something on the shorter side. While shows like Stranger Things and movies like Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery dominate subscriber’s watchlists, there are plenty of underappreciated gems streaming on Netflix that are perfect if you’re not up for a gargantuan binge or three-hour epic. Below are some overlooked, 90 minute minute movies streaming now on Netflix that are worth your attention.

7 Women and a Murder

This Italian murder mystery takes inspiration from classic Agatha Christie tales, and makes for great winter viewing. Set amidst a terrible snowstorm, seven women gather at a family estate on Christmas Eve, only to soon discover that the family patriarch has been killed. A murder mystery unfolds in which secrets are revealed, family dynamics change, and plenty of arguments are sparked. 7 Women and a Murder sports a frenetic pace, humorous performances, and a score that keeps the tension high.

Bad Words

Ozark’s Jason Bateman stars and makes his directorial debut in this cynical comedy about a grown man who travels the country competing in children’s spelling bees. The humor is dark and abrasive, but there is a real heart at the center of this film 

The Rental

Dave Franco made his directorial debut with this low-budget, contained horror film. Two couples rent an isolated Airbnb and become suspicious that their host is spying on them. As tensions rise between the couples, a once celebratory weekend turns sinister. 


A man (Jason Segal)’s plan to break into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation home goes awry when the owner (Jesse Plemons) and his wife (Lily Collins) make a surprising return. This is a tense, contained thriller with witty dialogue and poignant social commentary to spare.

30 Minutes or Less

Two less than stellar crooks abduct a pizza delivery man (Jesse Eisenberg) and force him to commit a robbery by strapping a bomb to him. Venom and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer crafts a funny, fast paced flick here, and Danny McBride is excellent as always.


A group of strangers wake up and suddenly find themselves in the middle of a deadly game – tasked with choosing one person out of everyone who should be spared, leaving the rest to die.

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