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By Josh Bate & George Bate

Modern art has changed drastically in the age of technology and the rise of social media. That is the primary subject of Copyright Infringement, a new documentary from director David Sabshon, that premiered at Brooklyn Film Festival this weekend and will continue to air at various other festivals this summer. 

The story follows CJ Hendry, a contemporary artist who is in the midst of completing her hugely ambitious artwork in the exhibition that she holds every year, aptly titled ‘Copyright Infringement.’ Hendry is a true rebel in every sense of the world, and this documentary feature follows her as she defies career expectations as a unique and inspirational artist. 

The story of Copyright Infringement dates back four years when artist CJ Hendry was hit with a lawsuit from the Ali Foundation when she tried to share some of her work, a series of t-shirts featuring drawings of Andy Warhol polaroids. Rather than dispose of the shirts as instructed, Hendry created a scavenger hunt in New York City. She spread the t-shirts around the city for eager fans to find and track down.

Now, Copyright Infringement is an annual and global phenomenon. The documentary follows Hendry’s most ambitious project yet – 1 week, across 5 cities, and 250 boxes filled with t-shirts.

Arguably the most notable takeaway from Copyright Infringement is how inspirational it is. So much is often said about following one’s own dreams and pursuing the kind of fields that make you excited. Ultimately, this is a film from an artist, about an artist, that will surely go on to inspire the next generation of creators to take the leap of faith and follow their dreams and what their heart tells them to, if the documentary gets the exposure it deserves. The theme of hope is apparent throughout Copyright Infringement, making this an uplifting and inspiring viewing experience.

As stated, Copyright Infringement is directed by David Sabshon, who does a great job at telling a complete and compelling narrative at the heart of this story. Frank Spadafora serves as producer, William Hart is the editor, and Stefan Nachmann is the Director of Photography and sets the mood well with this visually appealing film. Alicia Di Scipio and Julia Piker team to craft the music for this film, and the score is certainly another highlight of this must watch documentary feature.

Copyright Infringement recently won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Brooklyn Film Festival’s award ceremony. Watch the trailer for the award-winning documentary below:

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