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‘Ahsoka’ is “Basically Like the Fifth Season of Rebels,” Confirms Rosario Dawson

By George Bate & Josh Bate

Ahsoka rebels

The upcoming Ahsoka series will continue character arcs and plot threads from Star Wars Rebels. Indeed, it appears the central plot of Ahsoka will pick up from the Rebels series finale with Ahsoka and Hera going to search for their friend Ezra after he vanished with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The close ties between Ahsoka and Star Wars Rebels have led to many fans interpreting Ahsoka as the de facto fifth season of Rebels, something star Rosario Dawson touched on in a recent interview.

Speaking to Total Film, Dawson said, “It’s hard sometimes to tell with the things you read online whether that’s actual fact or just some fan fiction. But I’m pretty sure Dave said that this is basically like the fifth season of Rebels. So it felt nice to feel that sort of continuation with these people she’s got such a rich history with. You can see that with her mission that she has, going after Thrawn, and believing that he’s still alive, and holding Ezra in her heart because they have a really beautiful, long history as well.”

Ahsoka premieres August 23 on Disney+. In the meantime, check out our five predictions for the series and our recommended watches to prepare for the series below:

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