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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘The Last Stop in Yuma County’ Writer/Director Francis Galluppi Discusses New Contained Thriller

By George Bate & Josh Bate

The Last Stop in Yuma County is an easy movie to sell. A traveling knife salesman (yes, you read that right) finds himself stuck at a diner after his car runs out of gas. While waiting for a fuel truck to arrive to a nearby gas station, the knife salesman soon finds himself surrounded by two bank robbers, who have just pulled off a massive heist. Now, contained in this tiny diner, the knife salesman and the diner’s head waitress try to stay alive as the robbers grow increasingly uneasy.

Evoking the likes of The Hateful Eight as a contained Western thriller, The Last Stop in Yuma County excels with its tight setting and rich ensemble. Led by the fantastic Jim Cummings (whose film The Beta Test was our pick for Best Film of 2021), the film from writer/director Francis Galluppi is the sort of atmospheric, high-stakes, tension-filled thriller that will undoubtedly resonate with audiences.

The HoloFiles had the opportunity to speak with writer/director Francis Galluppi about his new film, which recently premiered at Fantastic Fest. Check out our interview with Galluppi below!

Check out our review of The Last Stop in Yuma County below and see why we call it one of the year’s best films.

FANTASTIC FEST REVIEW: The Last Stop in Yuma County

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