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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Things Will Be Different’ Stars & Director/Writer Talk Their New Time-Bending Thriller

By George & Josh Bate

Things Will Be Different is a new time-bending thriller premiering at SXSW that evokes the sci-fi masterpieces of Christopher Nolan and Rian Johnson. The film follows a brother and sister duo (played by Adam David Thompson and Riley Dandy respectively), who have just completed a close-call robbery and are looking to avoid detection by law enforcement. After rendezvousing at a local diner, the siblings decide to lay low at an abandoned farmhouse, which possesses a mysterious ability to transport them to another time.

The HoloFiles recently had a chance to speak with writer/director Michael Felker and stars Thompson and Dandy about the new film, crafting a complex yet approachable story with time-travel, balancing a heightened sci-fi concept with a grounded aesthetic, and more. Check out the interviews below!

Read our non-spoiler review of Things Will Be Different below:

SXSW REVIEW: Things Will Be Different

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